Remote Office
Handling scheduling, e-mails, lead management, assisting teams, established business hours with your client.
Remote Office
Handling scheduling, e-mails, lead management, assisting teams, established business hours with your client.
Virtual Administrative
Social Media Management in charge of creating one unique & engaging post for each social media platform everyday (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter)
Virtual Office
Work with medical billing staff to verify insurance eligibility and benefits, obtain prior authorizations, submit billing information
Responsible for supporting management with our customer success.

We Work Remotely

Chat, Call, Meet & Collaborate

The changing media and technology landscape requires a new kind of
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Executive Assistant

The most important responsibility of the Executive Assistant is to ensure that administrative tasks and projects are completed with a high level of efficiency, confidentiality, accuracy, flexibility, and positivity in order to support the initiatives of the CEO.

Virtual Team

The Mission of the Executive Assistant is to stay five steps ahead of our leader, tracking all of the administrative details, and clearing the path for her to cast her vision and develop strategy for our company.


Excellent communicator, in both written and oral form. This includes proficiency in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This also includes being able to take a large amount of information and summarize it quickly both in writing and orally on a regular basis.

Quality Communication

Handle administrative tasks including: managing schedules, booking meetings, filing expenses, and virtual office management.

Anticipating Needs

Create content for internal presentations, the website, and the print as opportunities arise

100% Mobile Ready

The ability to multitask under pressure, manage time effectively, learn quickly, and handle multiple fast-paced projects simultaneously.

Affinity for Technology

Familiarity with G Suite, spreadsheets, and presentation software.

What happens next?

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Our Amazing Work

  • A driven professional with more than 2 years of experience in spreadsheets, reporting, or presentation building
  • Energized by analytics, invigorated by insightful visuals, and excellent at seeing details others miss
  • Trustworthy with confidential information and able to maintain a high level of personal and professional integrity
  • Able to edit charts, graphs, and text in PowerPoint like a pro
  • Incredibly organized and efficient with personal time management
  • Known as the expert on Excel and PowerPoint among your friends
  • Known for your exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
  • Naturally self-motivated and able to work independently while also successful in a collaborative team environment
  • Working a Monday-Friday shift from 7am – 4pm MST

Clean Device Display

Illustrator / Photoshop


Clean Watch

Client TreeKode


Radio Desk

Client TreeKode


Office Materials

Photography / Photoshop


Lightning Upgrade

Photography / Photoshop


Black Iwatch

Photoshop / Illustrator


  • Self-motivated, proactive, detail-oriented, receptive to feedback and learns quickly
  • Excellent organizational and project management skills
  • Ability to work consistently within established timelines
  • Prior office experience
  • A strong communicator with the ability to balance a variety of responsibilities
  • Excellent demonstrated written, proofreading and research skills
  • Proficient using word processing and spreadsheet applications
  • Ability to work efficiently and effectively in a virtual environment.